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11 Dhū al-Ḥijjah 1445

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Hazrath Sultan Zulfiqar Alisha Hussaini Qadri Sarwari

A Reflection on Life History of Hazrath Sultan Zulfiqar Alisha Hussaini Qadri Sarwari

"Hain kar chashme Jalwa-e-deedar dekhna,Manzor hi nahi mujhe bekar dekhna"

"Kabhi aye haqiqate muntazzar, Nazar aa libaze majaze me, ke hazaro sajde tadap rahe hai aur meri jabeen nayaz me"

"Ki Mohammed se wafa tune toh hum tere hain, ye jahan cheez hain kya lahoo qalam tere hain"

"Tamanna dard-e-dil ki hai toh kar khidmat fakiron ki, nahi milta ye gohar badshaano ke qazino me"

Birth - He was born on 02 June 1966 in the city bylanaraspura.

Name and Nasab - He is the second child of the wali (saint) Hazrath Sulthan Chanwar Ali Shah Hussaini qadri Sarwari. When his father looked at his face it was glowing with purity of light and was shining like a sun so his father kept his name Aftab meaning arising sun. therefore it is said that.

"Teri nasle pak me hai baccha baccha Noor ka.Tu hai Noor e ayn tera Sab gharana Noor ka"

Education - He did his school education till seventh standard at sulthanpet Urdu higher primary school as his father was not able to stay at home since he has to do tableeq means spread the teachings and sunna of probhet s.a.w among other people so that they can come to the spiritual path and know the purity of Islam and in this schedule he use to be away from home for months together and all the home responsibilities were on the shoulders of his son and so he was not able to complete the secondary school.

Marriage -as the rule of sharaa he married at the age of twenty one years to a beloved daughter of janab Abdul hafi sahib alias Ameer Jan by name Naveeda begum on 16/11/1989.

Dasthe-bayiath: He did bayiath a promise of truth (sirathul mustaqeem) on the hands of the peer-o -murshid hazrath Sulthan chanwar Ali shah hussaini qadri sarwari at the age of nineteen years.

Khilafath or being khalif-at the age of fourth years he has been made the khalif by his murshid Hazrath Sultan Chawnar Ali Shah Hussaini Qadri Sarwari to enlight his knowledge to his disciples with purity and light of truth and he has been named as Hazrath Sulthan Zulfiqar Ali shah Hussaini Qadri Sarwari and the whole responsibility of the silsila and khankha's was given to him. on the order of his peer-o-murshid he use to go the different places and cities to spread his knowledge and thousands of disciples follow him today to get the spiritual beauty and enlighten themselves and their lives in this world and also in the holy world after the deaths. where ever we go in different cities and different parts of the world in the east west north or south today we find his disciples, the correct number is not known but they are in large number who love their beloved guru who has shown the right path of life.

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