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14 Muḥarram 1446

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Hazrath Peer Munawwar AliSha Hussaini Qadri Sarwari

Arcot, Tamil Nadu

He is mureed/disciple and khalifa of Hazrath Peer Ganj Gowhar Alisha (R.A). For years and years he was in the search of pure spiritual sufism, for this he has travelled from his origin cheen maha cheen to pakistan then after meeting with many saints he was not satisfied with their knowledge and finally settled towards southern india in madras (nowchennai).

For every year he used to travel to the tomb shrine of Hazrath khader auliya (R.A) in nagore sheriff there side by he was listening the teachings of Hazrath Peer Ganj Gowhar Alisha(R.A).then later on he became his mureed. At those times he was great poet writer of irfaani and noorani knowledge. And his Peero murshad liked all his poetry’s. and gave him the khilafat. Later on he spreaded the silsila in north arcot district of tamil nadu, there he made his final mukaam/place. And every year with his patronage he used to celebrate his Peero murshad Ganj Gowhar Alisha’s & daada murshad Mankharaar Alisha’s sondal urs festival.

Hazrath Peer Munawar Alisha (R.A) has written many poets and out of which formed famous books called as BAHARAY MUNAWAR & BAGHAY MADINA. Till date this books exist in sadar chowk.

His dargah sheriff is situated in muppaduvetti village arcot taluka, vellore district, tamil nadu. And he expired on Hijri 1363, 26th Muharram Al Haram (23/01/1944)

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