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11 Dhū al-Ḥijjah 1445

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A khanqah is a place designed specifically for gatherings of a Sufi brotherhood or tariqa and is a place for spiritual retreat and character reformation. In the past, and to a lesser extent nowadays, they often served as hospices for saliks (Sufi travelers), Murids (initiates) and talibs (Islamic students). Khanqahs are very often found adjoined to dargahs (shrines of Sufi saints) and türbes (tombs of notables), mosques and madrasas (Islamic schools).

Silsila Hussani Qadri Sarwari
19 Khankha's All Over South India
Date Location Managed By
1 Ramnagaram Zulfiqar Alisha HQS
2 Mysore Zulfiqar Alisha HQS
3 Anch kuppa Zulfiqar Alisha HQS
5 Lingarajpuram (BLR) Zarawer Alisha & Zulfiqar Alisha HQS
6 Chennai Zarawer Alisha HQS
8 Nellore Zarawer Alisha HQS
10 Vrinchipuram Zarawer Alisha HQS
12 Mysore Road (BLR) Zarawer Alisha & Zulfiqar Alisha HQS
14 Chickbalapur Zulfiqar Alisha HQS
15 Sidlagatta Zulfiqar Alisha HQS
16 Chintamani Zarawer Alisha HQS
18 Sholgiri/Madiwala Zarawer Alisha HQS
19 Ambur Zarawer Alisha HQS
20 Arcot Zarawer Alisha HQS
22 K.R Puram (BLR) Zulfiqar Alisha HQS
23 Davangere Zarawer Alisha HQS
25 Markaz (Kolar) Zarawer Alisha & Zulfiqar Alisha HQS
28 Mulbagal Faiz Alisha HQS

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